Friday, November 2, 2012

National Adoption Awareness Month-Love Your Children

All children are inherently good. They have life in them that touch those around them in the most unexpected ways.  We try not to let a day go by that we don't remind our children at home that they are good and those who have grown up and moved on receive encouragement every time we talk to them. When you look at your children, make the connection.  Look deep into their souls and pass along the deep love and appreciation you feel for them. Even after a tough day, they need to know that they are good and that they are valuable.  We consider this one of our primary jobs as parents.  In the process of passing on our feelings, we find that those feelings are returned 10 fold in ways only the most innocent child can convey.  The feelings are deep and poignant. And the rewards give us strength to face the next challenge with them.

The lives of 2 absolutely amazing boys are being changed as the family of Kai (aka Joseph) and Eli.  This family is in a rush to raise the final funds for travel to bring them home these two boys in the next few weeks. This wonderful family started their journey thinking they were bringing home one boy but along the way they fell in love with a second young man. Both of these children would be considered hard to place because of their age and special needs but to their family they are perfect. There is little doubt that the family will feel just as blessed to have them as the boys will be to be their family. The family continues to fund raise as the costs have mostly doubled for the second child. Take a moment and review their blog, and support their fund raising efforts as they run this last leg of their journey.

Below are some links to their fund raisers.  Imagine the difference you could make: Success Stories Calendar $15 ea (S/H $3.50 + $1.50 ea ad) Sponsor Puzzle pieces $5 each Faith Believe Necklace $25 Adoption Bug & Show Hope t-shirts Reece's Rainbow Adoption Grants (Tax Deductible Donations)

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