Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adoption Awareness Month-Kick Off

So today is the first day of adoption awareness month. And it has started with a BANG.

I just learned that Henry has a family who will be able to bring him home in time! How absolutely wonderful this is. Henry has been under the watchful eye of many including Suzanne who has been advicating for him for 3 years! What a lucky family and what a lucky boy.

On the other end of things, winter is coming and thousands of orphans are waiting in inadequately heated orphanages. I also learned of the passing of a young boy who survives heart surgery only to be taken by a virus. There are so many ways to help. Wonderful service groups like Love Without Boundaries, provide basic needs, education, medical support, foster are and nutrition. They are a non-profit organization and really do make the difference in the lives of so many children, volunteers and families.  Your donations are tax deductible.

Imagine the difference you could make.
Make the difference in a way only you can.

Like them love them, share them,


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