Thursday, July 26, 2012


Beau                                                                                Cole

Beau. Beau. Beau. Beau. Beau.  This little fellow reminds me so much of our little Cole before we met him.  Both are wearing crayon colors, both are about 2 years old, both are loving life, both are cute as a button and happy as can be, and both have bilateral (both sides) club feet.  The big difference is that Cole has a family and Beau needs one.  The reality is that Beau desperately needs a family. 

Beau has less than 2 weeks left with his listing agency, Children's House International. After that, his file goes into the holding place for unadopted waiting children with 2000 other children.  But Beau also needs help with his feet.  As children get older, the repair of club feet requires more attention and more specialization.  So, the sooner Beau finds a family, the sooner he can get help on his feet.   

Our son Cole was just over 2 years old when he came home.  We found an excellent doctor to help us with Cole and after a few months of casts Cole could run. Cole wore his brace for about 3 years at night and is doing very well.  There are good Doctor options scattered around the country.  Feel free to contact me if you would like help finding one or if you have general quesitons about the process or potential.  Also, see Special Feet for an ongoing story about a family who is going through the earlier stages of correction.

Beau needs this type of attention sooner than later.  But even more importantly He needs a Mama to pinch his chubby cheeks, teach him how to hug, and help him with his unsteady steps.  He needs a Daddy to roll on the floor with him, toss him in the air, and hold him while he falls asleep.  He really just needs a family.

Beau needs your help to find his family.  The internet is an amazing tool when people care enough to spread the word.  I encourage you to spread the word through your blogs, include him in your circles, like him, love him, and share him.  2 weeks.  He can not find his family.  He is relying on people like you.

Like him, love him, share him,


P.S. for more information, feel free to contact  me, or Children's House International directly.


  1. Wonderful post about precious Beau! He reminds me very much of my son too, with his special feet.

  2. I re-posted your post on my blog: Let's pray Beau's family finds him SOON! :)

  3. Thanks so much. The more visability the better. He really needs a family right away. Also, I loved your post about CP. Our soon to be daughter (Lia) appears to have CP. She is nothing short of amazing.