Saturday, November 3, 2012

National Adoption Awareness Month- Mimi & Healing Homes

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, we are featuring children, programs and families.  Tonight's post is about a young girls who has spent almost her entire 7 years in an orphanage with no family and the featured program is another Love Without Boundaries Healing Homes.  Please take a moment to read their stories and share the link or email to friends or families.

Happy birthday to Mimi. Mimi turns 7 this month and is just beautiful. In her video she is overwhelmed with all the noise and the attention but clearly has a very sweet personality.  She has lived in the orphanage for the last 7 years and so needs a daddy to be a princes for.  In many ways she reminds me of the attachment that we have developed with our Emma who after years of working on it, now understands that she is Daddy's princes. And his angel. And his sweetheart.  Little Mimi deserves that chance.  Please take a moment and help Mimi find her family by sharing her link.  I would be so very pleased to talk to anyone about her.  Please email myself (, or contact Children's House International (  Please use Mimi in the subject line.

Love Without Boundaries has many programs but tonight's special program is called Healing Homes.  Healing Homes takes particularly fragile orphaned children with special needs that can not typically be managed in institutional settings and places them in special homes with specialized nannies to care for them while they undergo specialty procedures to address their needs and prepare them for adoption.  The costs of the care are covered entirely by donations and every dollar makes a difference.  Consider helping out in this program and watch the videos featuring these special children in the Healing Homes.

If you or someone you know needs to know more about adoption, watch this video from Love Without Boundaries and then email if I can help.  If you are not considering adoption, watch this video and consider other ways you can help.

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P/S/ Don't forget to check out the Patton family fund raisers.

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