Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Years is Long Enough-Jackie

Five years ago, a 7 year old boy, alias Jackie, was excited that he would soon be adopted as his file was listed on the waiting children's list.  But 5 years later he still waits.
Five years of watching his friends leave.  He waits.  

Jackie is a 12 year old with all the potential of a typical 12 year old.  He would be an awesome boy scout.  He'd love camping, swimming in the lake, riding bikes, fishing, jumping on the trampoline, roasting hot dogs on the fire, making s'mores. But all he really wants is just a mom who holds him and nurtures him when he's sick and understands when kids tease him and is loving when he is scared and has no friends.  All he really wants is a dad who stands beside him and plays ball or board games and understands him and talks about the important 12 year old boy things.  All he really wants is a family... a forever family.

The problem is, he is one of over 30 children under the agency's care, one of 2000 children on the waiting children list and one of over a million other orphaned children in the world.  The difference is that now you know about him.  You know he exists, and that he is a loving caring young man with the most simple of desires.  His future is in your hands.  The agency has his name for the next 4 weeks.  If he doesn't find a family in the next 4 weeks, he will likely never have a family.  

Seven years ago, there was another young lady who's time was running short.  But her name became known to a few, who told a few, who told a few more.  One of those phone calls was to a family who had no plans to adopt.  Who thought they were done raising children.  Who were comfortable in life.  But that one phone call: "I keep thinking about you when I look at this child." changed the life of that little Kristin and her new family.  Our family.  As a result of a phone call, Kristin came home, followed by Cole, then Emma and soon Lia and Sean.  One phone call.  It could be the one you make.

I know our lives are busy and we have other priorities.  But if you had time to read this, you have time to make a difference in this boy's life.  Nine years in an orphanage and 5 years of rejection on the list is too much.  So lets talk about him, email about him, blog about him.  Lets like him, love him, share him, circle him, tweet him, comment about him and find him a family.  We have 4 weeks.  If we start this very moment, we can find his family.  We just need to take action and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks and God bless you all,


For more information please contact me or send an email with the phrase "Jackie - special need" in the subject line to: or visit Children's House International.  


  1. Craig,
    Thank you for doing this for Jackie. The family that chose him actually lives about 15 -20 from me! My husband and I have adopted 3 older kids...8, 9 and one day before she turned 14. If you read my first post this week about Henry, you see yourself mentioned. Thanks for being there for these older kids. It's not all easy, but they still need a family!


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