Sunday, October 7, 2012

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell
I love those sparkling eyes and. I can just imagine the joy that she will bring into the lives of one lucky family. Bashful, quiet, and gentle and fairly introverted, nine year old Liberty Bell lost her family when she was a toddler and has been one of the many children waiting for a family ever sense. She watches as her care-takers come and go to their own families. She is taking note. Like so many children, she silently pleas in her pillow at night for a family. Her family. Liberty Bell came very close to having a family but the economy got in the way. I can only imaging the heartbreak for both her and her want-to-be family. But now Liberty Bell waits. Again. You can help.

It is so easy for children to give up and feel that they are not worthy. While I have no doubt she has had those thoughts, Liberty Bell is different. She is one of a kind. She has something to offer her family that no one else can. She loves stories and music and I'm sure she is quite amazing at making do with the most simple things. But she also has a little light in her eyes that speaks of her love for those around her. She will teach her family of gratitude. She will teach them of love. She will teach them of endurance and perseverance because these are the things she has learned during her wait. She has much to learn of family life but the life of her family will never be the same as she fills them with joy beyond anything they can now imagine.

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She is an amazing person. Even a child of God. Please contact me ( or Children's House International for more information about Liberty Bell with "Liberty Bell" in the subject line.

"Because I have been given much I too must give."

Like her. Love her. Share her.



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  1. I am interested in designing a t shirt with you to use for adoption fundraising. Please email me. Thanks.