Friday, September 14, 2012

Adoption Tax Credit! Please take action

Dear friends.  This is important

The process of adoption is expensive. Period. For many years there has been a tax credit that covers some of the cost of adoption that makes or breaks the deal for some families. The bill that makes the tax credit possible ends December 31, 2012. There are several bills drafted to extend the credit and many of the bills make the tax credit permanent.  In many of the bills there is also a clause that makes the tax credit refundable. This is particularly important for family's living on limited income as their tax liability may not be sufficient to be able to recoop the costs that the credit is designed to help with.  This is where you come in.

I hope hope two things. First, I hope you will share this message. It is as simple as sharing this post  by aharing this link with all you can.  Like them. Love them. Share them still applies.  By sharing this message, you will be spreading the affecting the lives of many with minimal effort.  And now my second hope, this time, sharing alone is not enough.  Please take a few minutes today to watch the video, read over the information in this link and call or write your US senitor or representative.  Remind them of the importance of makin this credit permanent and refundable.

For more information check this out:

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P.S.  without the tax credit this family would be much smaller, less busy, and with many fewer blessings:

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