Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finding Families

This story was told by the daighter of a friend of ours:

My sweet, precious [daughter] has a degenerative muscle disease. The doctors are amazed that she is continent. Sometimes if you don't get her to the bathroom in time she has an accident. She shared with me about a time when she was 5 year old (she is now 6)

[daughter]: No one help [me]. I say help me! Help me! Nobody help me. I poop my pants. Ayi slappa me. I crying, crying. I think that, "Mommy why you leave me? Why you no come back-ah me? Mommy come back-ah me. Come back-ah me."

[Mom]: Your Ayi slapped you because you pooped your pants?

[daughter]: Yeah. (tears in her eyes) She say [me] no good girl. She laugha me. Ouchy so ouchy. But you Mom, you say when pee my pants, "Its okay [daughter]. We can change-ah your pants. Its just peepee."

How many children waiting for families will cry tonight, "Mommy why you leave me? Why you no come back-ah me? Mommy come-ah back. Come back-ah me?"

Help us find families for these children. Brady and Henry still wait. Take a moment and share their link.

Like them, love them, share them,


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