Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Henry needs a Family

Baseball, soccer, marching band. Who knows what Henry can do. Father/Son outings, long walks to the donut shop, bouncing on the trampoline, learning to swim, trying to ski... How much fun he would be. This young man needs a family.

Henry is a bright and friendly 13 year old who has so much to offer his family.  He just needs a little help finding them.  He's out there pounding the streets doing what he can to find that one special family but needs your help. In his country if he doesn't have an adoption final before he turns 14, he is not elligable to be adopted.  So he relies on people like you and I to help. And his time is running Very short.

Henry has been waiting for a very long and has watched as many of his younger roommates have been adopted and leave. The children who have come from his orphanage have nothing but praise about this special youn man. Kind, friendly, loving, caring, hard working.

lots of info is available about Henry. All you need to do to help him find his family is to click on the share buttons at the end of or adjacent to this blog and share him on your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, or any other media. Through the miricle of the Internet it takes less time to share than it does to read his story. Henry will love you and his family will love you.

For more info, contact myself ( or Children's House International with Henry in the subject line. We would LOVE to hear from you.

Thanks so much,



  1. Thank you so much Craig...i apprecite it....did you see you were mentioned in my first blog about him last week??


  2. Thank you Suzanne. I love your blog and thanks for the mention too. Let's keep it going till his family finds him. They must be out there somewhere.

    Go Henry!