Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank you for taking action & Good News

First, the good news: Jackie, and Beau have found families who are busy now with their paperwork. On about the same day that Jackie found his family, another 13 year old boy who I had not featured yet, Joseph, also found a family.  These 2 older boys were giving up hope as their friends left one by one and they were left there waiting. In the not to distant future, they will learn of their new families and their burdens will be lifted. Beau, is too young to understand. But when he is older he will understand the great blessing you have given him.

I generally do not ever know the specifics of the families but invite their families to post in the comments regarding their story if they are inclined. Adoption is a miricle. It starts with the matching of children to families and, therefore,  is a direct result of people like you who like them, love them, share them; blog, talk, and encircle them with compassion.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


P.S.  The chase is not over and I ask you to not back off. We have many more children waiting. Many will only find families with your help.

Comimg ip soon: More Henry...

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