Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Dossier goes to China and those who wait.

Our dossier arrived in China on monday August 27, 2012 after overcoming many obstacles. We are so excited to be bringing Lia and Sean home. December? January?  The clock is ticking for us and the kids....  We started this process in May 2011 and are ready for them to come home.

Sean is the young fellow in the yellow jacket in this video.  He is a busy fellow who has much to learn about being in a family as he has never had one that he can remember.  We've learned that one of the trio in the video, the young fellow in the red jacket, will be leaving with his new family about the same time as Sean. Maybe we'll even meet there!!  Either way, within a month, 7 year old Brady in the center will lose his 2 best buddies. 

This is a bit odd to me because it seems clear to me that Brady is the natural leader.  I expected he would already have a family.  When you watch the video the other 2 boys follow Brady's every move. He clearly knows the song the best and just fills the make shift stage with his personality.  Brady needs a family to unleash all that personality.  I can hear him singing in the shower.  I can imagine him hunting caterpillars in the tomato plants, and i can see the smile on his mother's face as Brady puts all the love in that huge heart of his in a ninja picture for his mom. 

Let's clear the stage  Don't leave him behind. Please take a moment to share Brady's link in all your social circles.

For more info, contact myself ( or Children's House International with Brady in the subject line. I don't think he is tied to an agency but we do want to find him a family. We would LOVE to hear from you.

Like him, love him and share him.



  1. Our dossier got to China on the 26th of August for two girls. Maybe we'll see you there!!! We started this process long ago too - glad to know we're not the only ones who have had a longer road.


  2. Perhaps they went together from CHI. Local China time ours arrived on the 27th but US time it arrived on the 26th. Smooth path from here right? Best wishes.