Friday, August 3, 2012

Light a candle tonight.

With all the focus on Beau, I neglected to post about this little girl. Please have a look and light a candle tonight. This From a dear friend:

We have so appreciated all of you taking Finley into your own hearts to try to carry hers. Love Without Boundaries is working very hard to have her heart cath reports read and reviewed by specialists here in the US. Everything is being done to make a "plan" about the medical treatment for her broken heart.

We all will be gathering together to take it to the next level. We need to send out our thoughts, energies and prayers into the cosmos. All of working together have great power. We have harnessed this incredible power before. Please join us in sharing her story and inviting others to participate with this today.

At 10 PM EST we ask that all those who can, please light a candle for Finley and send out your positivity. We desire to create a light of hope where it is sorely needed.

I am repasting a post from Monday. Please feel free to share this on your
social media sights and forward to friends. Finley is pictured on the home page today with her "peeps" from Heze. She is in the very middle dressed in red with the MUCH TOO ROSY cheeks from her heart working so hard.

We try awfully hard to give every child a chance to live. Even when it seems unlikely, we push, pull, and flip around any possibilites. We are almost at the end of our options with Finley. So now we turn to prayers, positive thoughts, energy put out into the universe.

In [a small town], is a smiley faced little girl who runs in a pack with Joshua, Lia, Kyler, Brady, and Elizabeth. Her name is "Finley". I met her when I visited the SWI in March. In the picture of the children, they all had bright blue lips due to the Fun Dips we passed out. But Finley already had blue lips. She always has blue lips. She has a heart that is wearing itself out.

As I was leaving, I took each child to me and kissed them and held them close. When it was Finley's turn I looked beseechingly to the caregivers. Is there REALLY nothing that can be done for her heart? They shook their heads and looked to the floor. My daughters wouldn't accept that. I wouldn't accept that. LWB was contacted. They would not accept that.

Finley had her heart cath in Shanghai last week. The news was not encouraging. Her little heart will require multiple complicated surgeries. The odds she will be healed are so poor. But I still will not accept that.

Lets take Finley into our hearts and maybe, just maybe our hearts can carry hers.



  1. Any update on this precious girl? How old is she? my email is

  2. It may be a few months before we hear the outcome but I will keep you posted as news comes in. If anyone can help, Love Without Boundaries can.