Monday, August 6, 2012

Great morning for Beau-development update.

 This morning an update came in for Beau with nothing but good news. To start off we have updated photos. He is growing into a fine young fellow.

 Next, the impression he made on a visitor in March of this year:
 "This boy just makes me beam. How I enjoyed chasing balloons with Beau in his play room in March 2012. He has a giggle that lights up your heart."

Third, he is currently recovering from surgery in July to straighten his feet. You will note the casts on his legs....but not as much as the fun radiating from his face.

 Fourth, a development update. According to the experts he is as smart as anyone his age and is talking up a storm. (He is apparently asking for his Mama.) He's a friendly little bug and is bonding well with his care takers and other children.

 Fifth his resistance is strong and he rarely gets sick.

According to his caretakers, he has a "ready smile and a powerful personality," he's fat (which I assume means he needs his cheeks squeezed) and he loves a good cookie!

 All in all, he's just an amazing kid waiting for his family but he is waiting for his family. Now that his concerns are being addressed, it should be easier for us to find his family. If you've read this, please take 30 seconds and share it somehow with someone you know in some kind of way.

 Thanks. And as always, like him, love him an share him,


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