Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Pengyo (friends) no mommy and daddy."

The following is a post from a dear friend and mother to many. Her daughters Meisyn and Jaeya have substantial medical conditions and have only had a family for a few short months. (Posted with permission.)

Can I just share a conversation I had with Meisyn last night. Jaeya and Meisyn were at Shriners all last week and then Jaeya ended up in the ER for the past two days after having a full blown grand mal seizure. Meisyn was with the big sisters while I was with Jaeya.

Late last night I got a phone call from Makayla. Meisyn was crying and would not stop. She had all the big girls crying because she was so pitiful. Six year old Meisyn got on the phone.

Me: Whats wrong Meis?
Meisyn: Meisyn sad. Meisyn cryin'.
Me: Why are you sad?
Meisyn: Meisyn sad, cryin'. Pengyo (friends) no mommy and daddy. Ummm, Chinese pengyo no mommies, NO MOMMIES! No daddies, NO DADDIES! Pengyo Chinese everyone go English mommies. Everyone happy."

The happier Meisyn becomes in our family the more she understands the gift it is. She wants to share that gift and the more it pains her that her friends don't have this chance too. There are far too many friends and not enough mommies and daddies.

This message came as 8 more boys were added to our agency's list to find families for. It breaks my heart to think how long these children wait wanting so bad to be loved.

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