Friday, November 18, 2011

Journey To An Older Child-Part I

Cancer. My stomach turns as I think of the surgery and recovery. But a single surgery cleared me for a few more years. More importantly it started me down the path to the rest of my life.

Life was good. We had 4 wonderful biological children... two of which were out of the house doing great works. We were making good money. Doll was able to stay at home to love and nurture our little nest. We had a nice home in a very nice city where we thought we were keeping up with the Jones pretty well. We bought new cars when we wanted to, a nice boat, and lots of busy with our children. Life was good.

The phone rang. Chris called to "chat" with Doll. The subject came up about their successful adoption of 2 little girls with special needs. Somehow the conversation transitioned to the discussion of a young lady who was available for adoption. She went by the alias of Kristin. Kristin was 10... had been in foster care for the last 3 years. She had some special needs with her back. Scoliosis. She had been on the "list" for quite a while and nobody had seriously considered her. In 2 weeks she would come off of the list and chances of a family would be pretty much gone a short bio was available online with a little photo. The description read "not as bright," "Not as pretty," "scoliosis." Doll fell in love.

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