Monday, November 21, 2011

The paper chase - Part III

So what next? Instructions begin to come in the mail but there is so much, it seems overwhelming. Authentication, certification, home study, fingerprints, notary... Where do we start. So I started with the easy stuff, the things I could afford. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, letter from the employee. A few weeks into it i finally realize that the "critical path" (sorry, I'm a program manager) is the home study and that the paperwork for the home study is another whole list. It doesn't seem to matter too much what I do first since it all needs to be done.

Reid had just set off as a missionary so we needed to tell him ASAP. Off goes the excited letter to the missionary training center by overnight courier. It arrives. We don't hear anything. Days go by. No word. Finally we call the training center and ask them to have him read the letter. So he does. He had never received an express letter before so what was he to do? All the kids are excited and supportive. All is good.

We finally meet our social worker for the home study. She is very kind. The candles cover the Clorox scent pretty well and we make it through the home inspection with everyone still alive. More visits follow but we are now pro's and we set them up so we don't have to meet at the house. Much less complicated.

Kristin waits. In foster home number 4. Unaware that we are now waiting.

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