Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Neveah (AKA Janie)

Almost 6-year-old Neveah has conditions that are not unfamiliar to us... club feet and scoliosis. She clearly has the attitude that will carry her through her life. She too will find ways to do what ever she needs. She lives in a foster home and has learned how wonderful a family can be. According to her report:

In February 2008 Neveah entered her foster family; in the family, her father is a policeman, so she is cared for most by the mother and grandma; she likes the family very much; when she sees her foster father came back home after work she tells her father how smart she was, performing her ability learned that day. She adores her foster father, because she thinks that her father is a policeman can catch bad people. After supper, it is the happiest time of Neveah; at this time they can go to the park to play with the whole family, every time she plays a lot, then she comes back home.

She has never let her limb weakness slow her down. When she was younger she was unable to walk but she learned to get herself up to the door and call to the neighborhood children to come play with her. She walks now but has one leg shorter than the other. This little girl is going to do miracles.

For more information, contact Heidi at Children's House International: http://childrenshouseinternational.com/

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