Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Brady, the young fellow in the center, is so full of life.  His friends are being adopted (The boy in the yellow jacket is Sean) but he still needs a home.  Unfortunately, his bio suggest that he may be a slow learner because he didn't know his colors.  It is unfortunate, because at that point he had not had any schooling.  And when I look at the video, he has learned the poem better than any of the other boys!   Our first adopted daughter was labeled as a slow learner but she was on the honor roll last year and has almost straight A's last semester.  All it takes is a family who cares and is willing to make the effort. 

Brady is so full of life but the only family he has known is his orphanage.  Help us find his family. Interested parties, contact Heidi at Children's House International: inquiry@chiadopt.com or to learn more about adoption join us at the CHIWaitingkids Yahoo group.

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